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General climbing information
The rocks of Kalymnos are not for the goats only anymore. They find new creatures along their way. People who are hiking, trekking and climbing.
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Kalymnos is the Mecca for climbing in south-Europe. It is discovered for climbing in 1998 and since then they added route after route in different areas. At this moment we can tell you, that there are more than 3000 routes in about 115 different sectors all over the island. Included in this list is also our neighbor island Telendos.

We are proud to inform you that we have climbers from all over the world.

Kalymnos is suitable to be climbed the whole year around. Of course our summer can be hot but if you go early and keep a siesta (break) at a beach or tavern and then do some sunset climbing, your day is filled in a perfect way. So bring your whole family, go climbing, snorkeling and explore the island. As you see it’s a package deal.

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The best period climbing is from Half of September till half of June. It’s not to hot, our winters are very mild and
the environment is perfect for long days of climbing. Even Midwinter we might have some beautiful days with sun and blue sky. You can find easy a place to stay during the winter months.

The information we provide in our shop is up to date. So you can find the new climbing guide, the newest map of Kalymnos and the newest updates from all the latest routes.

On Kalymnos we have climbing instructors and a climbing gym. If you like to work on your techniques you can find it here.

This program is made by our trainer Lucas who has
achieved a lot of victories in climbing competitions and
climbs routes up to 8c+(5.14c).

check out his webpage; Climbing Kalymnos


How to find all this information when you arrive in Kalymnos. Well very simple, drop in at Best Moto. Find the information you need, take it with you.

Attention;  Rock climbing is under your own responsibility

  • Climbers are responsible for taking all the necessary safety precautions.
  • Keep climbing area’s clean and safe.

The sectors are indicated with white pillars along the road. This indicates the beginning of the paths to most of the climbing sectors. They also have information about approach time to the routes and the color the path is marked.

In case of any emergency during climbing, call the municipality rescue team.
We wish you nice climbing days on Kalymnos.


Climbing courses on Kalymnos,.

* Climb in the rock climbing mecca with a greek champion on the most beautiful routes in Kalymnos at the best prices, starting from 40 Euro. Check all the info here;

* The ultimate climber coaching workshop with 5 days of coached climbing. Check all the info here;

Rent a scooter to explore all the climbing area’s in an easy way.

Rooms or places to stay? Transportation about how to get to your final destination? Boat schedules? Car rental?    
Check out the tabs on my homepage and find all the info there.

The best video ever made about Kalymnos.

We hope we will see you in our shop.
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Updated Sept 2015