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Kalymnos in a nutshell.



The Kalymnos Experience

On this page we try to explain you, why Kalymnos is so special. For every kind of visitor we have an activity to do. Click on the links just above here to go to your activity or even better, read everything. You might miss something special. On the bottom of this page I added short links and a better explaination about some activities.

First of all, you need transportation to see the whole island and its diversity. In this way you can get the most fun out of your holiday and visit the places where you can have the experience.What do I mean with experience? This is simply explained. All the items like climbing, diving, hiking, food or whatever you can do here on Kalymnos. So let’s go and seek for the experience.

Diving; Kalymnos has a few good diving schools which are padi licensed. With them you can have your first diving experience ever or (if you allready have experience) you can go directly on a diving trip. The waters around Kalymnos are the most crystal clear ones. Rich and colourfull seabeds and breathtaking underwater sceneries. Kalymnos offers spectacular and good accessible divingsites so get ready for an experience you won't forget anymore!

Food; Kalymnos has a great diversity of very good local food. You can find the best taverns all over the island and they serve you the well known greek stuff or if you prefer, the local cuisine. Kali oreksi!

Climbing; Number one in the world and why? Superb rock,amazing routes, for all kind of people and last but not least where in the world can you find a great climbing area close to a village with all the luxury? And where in the world can you climb the whole year? Not mentioning the fact that you can have a swim straight after the climb.

Beaches; I tell you, the beaches are maybe not the ones from a paradise. Our beaches are mostly small, some with white sand, some with black and some with rocks or even a total mixture. Some are even so difficult to find that you can have your own beach with all the privacy you want. And for the kids; even for them there are so many beaches.

The island; authentic Greece that is for sure. Beautiful monasteries, castles, coasts, beaches, water sports, nightlife, archaeological sites and daytrips are the ideal conditions for enjoying the warm and wonderful Greek summer. Hike around as well and smell the famous thyme from which we make the honey.

Boating; trips or sailing around Kalymnos is an experience on itself. You will be floating on turquoise colored waters which will invite you to swim around. Don’t forget your snorkel. Visiting the small islets around Kalymnos, no words for it, so beautiful.

The Kalymnos Experience is created in 2011, out of love and passion for Kalymnos and to share it with you.


Kalymnos in a nutshell.


In our office we provide information about the island Kalymnos and her villages and site seeing.

It’s all written on sheets, which you can take from our office, for free! If you want to take a tour around the island we provide for you a route explained on paper, the BEST MOTO ISLAND TOUR. We explain you almost by meter accurate where and how to go.

The best way to take a tour around the island is against the direction of a clock.


We describe the following sites, for example;

Pothia, Vothini, Vlichadia and Argos and all the things you can do or see there.         

We are so proud to present you our island and we want to share it with all of you!!!!     





There are many routes for this purpose on the island. Many are marked or described on maps or in books. We have collected them over the years and printed them on handy sheets

Here are some of the routes you can find and take in my shop: Some are easy and some are tough but they are all spectacular vie. We added grades to the routes, from 1 till 5. The 5 is the most difficult track and can included a bit of short climbs.

Sheet 1 behind Emborios

Sheet 2 around Kefala Sheet

Sheet 3 Skalia/ Palionissos Sheet

Sheet 4 around Telendos


Since June 2015 we also have "The Kalymnos Trail" for sale. Over 140 pages guide to a multi-day of hiking! All these routes are easy to find but you might need scooter to get there.





Beaches in Kalymnos are different then for example on Rhodos or Kos. Don't expect long white sandy beaches. Our beaches are small and cute. If you search around very well, you can find your own little private beach with sand and turqoise blue waters. Some other beaches do have pebbles but one thing is for sure, you will adore them. Even if you want to be all by yourself, you can find the beach of dreams. If you can't find, i will tell you the secret ones!!!

Most of the mentioned beaches are very easy to reach with a bike.


A little grip out of the sheets:

  • Therma:

Here are two beaches. The first one is in the curve of the road and you enter passing under that road. It has a cantina. It is a small beach with pebbles. The visitors are namely locals. There are sun beds. The water goes to extreme deep but is crystal clear and very nice for snorkeling.

The second one is further at the end of the road at a tavern. From the tavern you walk 50 meters and there is a small strip with rocks. Mainly locals go to there and older people.


  • Vlichadia:

A little bay you find when you visited Agias Savas. It’s a small village with a small port. There are two beaches. One opposite the sponge diver museum is a sandy beach, very nice for young children.

The other beach is a beach on the left side of the bay. It has pebbles but the water is very clear. Both beaches are visited by locals. Around the beaches are some taverns.


And much more information about all the other beaches……………….



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Updated March 2016